Dave Law & Tom Hyde - co-founders of Brew Lab. 

We opened Brew Lab in September 2012 after four years of planning, research and development.

After graduating university in 2008, we each shared a passion for hospitality and an interest in the third wave of coffee taking place in cities like London, Portland and New York. Together, we dreamed up the idea of a quality-driven, concept-led speciality coffee bar for Edinburgh.

In October 2011, we discovered a former University office on South College Street and knew it would be a perfect home for Brew Lab.

Construction began in the spring of 2012 and, over the course of three months, the space opened up from a series of partitioned offices with fake ceilings and carpet tiles to a spacious room with red brick walls and thick wooden beams.

We cast a monolithic concrete ‘brew bar’ to contrast against the exposed plaster, brickwork and structural steel. To further link the old with the new, we opted for reclaimed and re-purposed furniture, from red leather armchairs to retro school desks. The result was a beautiful café space featuring traditional materials and modern design touches.

Since opening, we’ve never looked back! Our loyal customers, one-of-a-kind staff and the greater Edinburgh community have made every hour of research and planning worthwhile.


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