Commercial Training & Consultancy

£75 (ex. VAT) per hour (2 hours min)

Hire our Head of Training to provide espresso and filter training, consult your company on improving its coffee offering or guide your start-up through designing a coffee service that customers love.

We’ve provided training for a number of notable companies, including Pekoe Tea, Frisky Froyo, The Edinburgh Beer Factory, Oink and The Hanging Bat, and will work with you to deliver custom support tailored to your unique business needs.

Example training sessions include:

Espresso improvements

We'll look at how you currently make espresso and suggest ways to optimise quality, consistency and speed, including training staff in:

  • Correct dosing and tamping technique.

  • How to set coffee recipes (i.e. 'dialling-in' espresso).

  • Concepts of over- and under-extraction, how these affect flavour, and how to combat them.

  • How to consistently pull balanced and tasty espresso shots.

  • How to consistently steam perfect milk and pour latte art.

Introducing filter coffee

Serving filter coffee at your business is often a less expensive and higher-quality alternative to espresso. We’ve worked with bars on introducing a filter coffee menu and trained their staff on how to consistently produce an outstanding brew.

Get in touch to discuss your coffee training and consultancy requirements.