Filter Brewing Masterclass

£37.50 per person - 2 hours - 6 people max

Filter coffee is one of the best ways to brew a really great cup at home. With the right gear and technique you can compete with the very best professional cafes right in your own kitchen.

In the Filter Brewing Masterclass we cover:

  • How to accurately measure and record your brews so you can produce consistent results from cup to cup.

  • What shortcomings to look out for in terms of flavour and what variables to adjust to compensate.

  • The range of different brewing equipment, including full immersion and pour over coffee.

  • Tips and tricks for getting the best out of your coffee on your setup.

Filter Brewing Masterclasses are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their coffee making at home without having to invest in an espresso setup.

Group bookings

Looking to book out an entire class? We offer a 15% discount for group class bookings, and we can work with you to organise a day and time that suits. Get in touch to book.