To us, coffee is more than a daily caffeine fix. It’s a highly versatile, culinary product capable of an incredible range and depth of flavour. When treated with respect—from farm to cup—it’s outstanding.

We take care to serve exceptional brews and our house coffees are selected from our sourcing and roasting partner Union Hand-Roasted who bring exclusive single origin and microlot parcels direct from origin. Our skilled baristas work closely with the roastery team and practice precise brewing techniques to extract the best possible flavour. 

Filter Coffee

We think filter coffee is the best way to experience the unique characteristics of speciality grade coffees. We measure every dose carefully, and grind fresh right before brewing. The result is a complex, flavourful coffee that brings out the natural deliciousness of each bean.

Every day we have two batch-brewed filter coffee’s – one that is best served black, and one that tastes great with a splash of milk.


Lattes, flat whites, long blacks – it all starts with espresso. We believe that great espresso is all about consistency, and that precision and accuracy are key to creating delicious and balanced shots time after time. We use some of the best equipment available to ensure stability in the dozens of variables that influence how your coffee tastes. Every morning one of our highly trained baristas is here before we open the doors, tasting, tweaking and adjusting to make sure our recipe is just right. Throughout the day, we weigh and measure everything to make sure that the last coffee we serve in the evening is exactly the same as the first coffee we served in the morning. It’s a lot of effort, but we think it pays off.

We serve two espressos every day - one that’s great black, and one that really shines in milk.