Colonna Coffee Pods - Taster Box

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Colonna Coffee Pods - Taster Box


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (two time UK Barista Champion) has taken coffee pods to the next level with his new roastery Colonna. Freshly roasted coffee is ground, and packaged in oxygen-free capsules which enable you to experience outstanding speciality-grade coffee, with the convenience and consistency offered by a Nespresso® machine. 

This taster pack allows you to sample each of the four genres of coffee. It showcases the variety and character of the coffee that Colonna source and prepare. The pack contains four capsules of the foundation, discovery, rare and decaffeinated genres.  

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This genre represents the foundation of speciality coffee and the third wave movement. Clean aromatic coffee with sweetness and quality. 


These are exciting and expensive coffees: different varieties and explorative processing provides you with varied and distinctive flavour profiles.


The marvels of the coffee world. Rare and exclusive lots that showcase the most sought after cup profiles.  


Delicious coffee without the caffeine. Complex and characterful speciality coffees curated for decaffeination. 

Pods are sold in short or long sizes:


An intense espresso inspired beverage. The short capsules are complex and fully flavoured, accompanied by a clean, creamy texture. Recommended 25ml size. 


A filter-style shot. The long capsules are more elegant and light. Showcasing the bright and juicy characteristics of coffee. Recommended 65ml size. 

If you love milk in coffee we recommend combining short capsules with steamed or warmed milk. The long capsules produce a more delicate, filter-like coffee which is best experienced without milk. 

Get the best out of your capsules.