Commercial Training & Consultancy

£65 (ex VAT) per hour (2 hours min)

Hire our Head Barista to provide espresso and filter training, consult your company on improving its coffee offering or guide your start-up through designing a coffee service that customers love.

We’ve provided training for a number of notable companies, including Pekoe Tea and The Hanging Bat, and will work with you to deliver custom support tailored to your unique business needs.

Example training sessions include:

Espresso improvements

We'll look at how you currently make espresso and suggest ways to optimise quality, consistency and speed, including training staff in:

  • Correct dosing and tamping technique.

  • How to set coffee recipes (i.e. 'dialling-in' espresso).

  • Concepts of over- and under-extraction, how these affect flavour, and how to combat them.

  • How to consistently pull balanced and tasty espresso shots.

  • How to consistently steam perfect milk and pour latte art.

Introducing filter coffee

Serving filter coffee at your business is often a less expensive and higher-quality alternative to espresso. We’ve worked with bars on introducing a filter coffee menu and trained their staff on how to consistently produce an outstanding brew.

Get in touch to discuss your coffee training and consultancy requirements.