Watery Delays

We had an interesting few days at the end of last week. Negotiations on the lease were just about wrapped up, and we'd just had our building warrant approved, so we had arranged to meet our landlord on site to discuss the planned building works. The meeting was very positive, however when we made our way into the back of the unit, it came as a bit of a surprise to all concerned to see water dripping down from the ceiling, and the suspended ceiling collapsing!

The long and short of it is that a tap had been left running on the fifth floor of the tenement block, and over 24-48 hours, the water had made it's way down through every floor, bringing suspended ceilings with it until it reached the basement of the coffee shop unit.

The result, was some very damp ceilings, walls and floor joists that will now need stripping out, and drying. Needless to say, this has set us back somewhat as we had been planning on taking entry at the end of last week and starting works today. All is not lost however, as we will be working with our landlord to tie up the repair works so they're aligned to our plans, which will help things move more quickly when we start our fit out.

As it stands, we're now looking more like a September opening, but watch this space, we'll make sure you're all the first to know!

In other news, we've been busy planning finalising all the fit out plans with our architect and we're really excited about how the shop is going to look, but I think that warrants a separate blog post.