Victoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle & other new toys

We've had a few new exciting coffee toys arrive in Brew Lab over the last few weeks, the most notable being our new espresso machine - the Nuova SimonelliVictoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle. The Black Eagle is moving onto the bar while The Slayer will be moving to a new project that we're developing to be revealed in a few months.

The Black Eagle is a beautiful re-design of Nuova Simonelli's highly respected espresso machine, the Aurelia II T3. It brings all the temperature stability and precision that we are familiar with from the Slayer, but with some extra technology that will help us to ensure our espresso is consistently the best it possibly can be.

We have also got a new espresso grinder on our bar - Nuova Simonelli's Mythos One Clima Pro, which solves a significant amount of problems that have existed in espresso grinders for a long time. The Mythos One has an an intelligent milling chamber temperature management system, which helps to negate the issues you experience when your grinder burrs heat up due to lots of coffee grinding, or cool down due to infrequent grinding. This, coupled with a few other ingenious innovations such as vertical burrs, and a sloping hopper will help to ensure we're consistently producing delicious coffee quickly.

Our new brew bar grinder, the Mahlkoenig EK43 has been introduced to improve the quality of our filter coffee, and open up new possibilities for a larger variety of guest espresso at Brew Lab. The EK43 has huge burrs, positioned vertically which help to create an extremely consistent grind - vital for making perfectly extracted filter coffee.

We love talking about coffee making kit at Brew Lab, so if you have any questions feel free to ask us in the cafe.