This week's coffee 18/12/12


There's lots of exciting new coffee to talk about this week. The last few weeks we've been going through our first coffee from Monmouth in London: Ethiopia Kebel Dumerso. It was incredibly fruity and light, and just screamed blueberries, even more so than the Ethiopian Guji from Has Bean we had on in our first week. We're on to two new brewed coffees this week, both from Has Bean. We're also moving on to a new espresso blend from Has Bean, and we're serving some great single origin espresso. First thing's first, brewed coffee.

Bolivia David Vilca Country of origin: Bolivia Region: North Yungas Farm: David Vilca Varieties: Caturra, Criolla, Typica Process: 'Bolivian Style' (a hybrid of washed and pulped natural processing) Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Clever Dripper

In Bolivia farms are usually named after the person or family running them. In this case it's David Vilca and his family who bought the farm 15 years ago as security for his family. At first he only had one acre of coffee plants, but that soon grew and he now has 5 acres of coffee - all of which has been bought by Has Bean this year.

We're brewing the coffee on the Clever Dripper and you get a lovely sweet, full bodied cup with chocolate, walnut and hazelnut followed by a pear acidity.

Ethiopia Wote Yirgacheffe Natural Country of origin: Ethiopia Region: Yirgacheffe Processing station: Wote Varieties: 26 different varieties Process: Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: V60

We've had a lot of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffees in Brew Lab since we opened. A few months ago we had the washed version of this coffee from Square Mile. It tasted of apricots, peaches and bergamot and was incredibly light and delicate. We've also very briefly had this coffee in our espresso blend and it bought a lot of grapefruit to the espresso. As a brewed coffee though, it is very different. We get sherry, blueberries and dark chocolate and it's a really good example of how processing the same coffee in two different ways can bring out such different flavours.

Brew Lab Espresso Blend Mk.5 50% Guatemala El Bosque Red Bourbon Washed 30% El Salvador San Rafael Pacas Washed 20% Ethiopia Kebel Konga

It was always intended that our espresso blend would change as coffees come in and out of season. Up until now our espresso blend has solely contained bright, fruity Ethiopian coffees and we've enjoyed serving up some really unique coffees. Ethiopian coffees are notoriously challenging to work with in espresso though, and we're now moving onto a new version of the Brew Lab blend that will be more forgiving. The new blend has plenty of chocolate and nutty notes from the two South American coffees and goes fantastically in milk. We wanted it to have an edge to it still, and the Ethiopian Kebel Konga brings dark fruit. Has Bean have done a brilliant job at coming up with the latest version of the Brew Lab Blend.


We also have a new espresso grinder that we'll be using for single origin espressos. So far we've had Has Bean's Finca Limoncillo Pacamara Natural, Square Mile Jirmiwachu Espresso and Monmouth's Brasil Santa Ines on and they've had some great feedback. We'll be serving the single origin espresso as a standard for espressos and macchiatos, but if you'd like to try it in another drink, just ask.