The Super Secret Sunday Syphon Society


The Syphon is a spectacular method of brewing coffee. Water is placed in a glass globe and brought to the boil using a halogen light that makes the apparatus glow deep red. A glass flute is sealed onto the globe, and the pressure makes the water rise up. The coffee is added to the top chamber and brews for 2 minutes; next, the heat source is turned off and the partial vacuum that is created draws the coffee back down to the bottom globe, through a fine paper filter.

Syphon small The Syphon has been used to make coffee for more than a century, and the combination of immersion brewing, a stable brewing temperature and a fine paper filter makes a super clean cup, with lots of body and distinct flavour clarity.

Every Sunday we're using the Syphon to showcase some of the best coffees available to buy in the UK. These Cup of Excellence coffees have been voted the highest quality examples from their country in any given year and exhibit outstanding flavour and balance.

This Sunday we'll be brewing a coffee from the Rwanda Mibirizi washing station that came 3rd in the last Cup of Excellence competition. The washing station is owned by the Nile Congo Mountains Coffee Company and receives coffee grown from Bourbon plants first planted 100 years ago. The coffee undergoes meticulous processing, the beans are fully washed with spring water from the mountains then sun-dried and hand sorted.

The coffee has a big, chewy mouth-feel with a caramel and butterscotch sweetness that is really brought out by the Syphon brewing.

Rwanda Mibirizi Cup of Excellence Country of origin: Rwanda Region: Western Washing station: Mibirizi Varieties: Bourbon Process: Washed Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Syphon