Scottish Aeropress Champs 2017 - Results, Recipes and Photos

They came, they brewed and one man conquered; Ali Duncan is our 2017 Scottish Aeropress Champion! Ali is off to Seoul in South Korea, courtesy of intelligentPOS to compete in the World Championships on 9th November. 

Our top three (including recipes) were:

1st Place - Ali Duncan (Cairngorm Coffee)


Coffee: 20g | Grinder: Porlex | Grind size: medium fine | Water temp: 90-92 degrees | Orientation: right way up 

  1. 40g water in swirl for 20s 
  2. 0:40s bring water up to 250g 
  3. Stir and plundge areopress 1/8th of the way down under extracting some coffee 
  4. 2:30 plunge the whole areopress for 30s 
  5. Stir and serve 

2nd Place - Rob Ashton (Independent) 


Coffee: 32g | Grinder: Lido3 | Grind size: super coarse | Water temp: various | Orientation: right way up

  1. 100g room temperature water, rinse through in 60s, discard rinse
  2. 150g 97c water, lid on so nothing comes out 
  3. Wait a minute 
  4. Plunge super gently, finishing at 2:40 total elapsed time

3rd Place - Claire Wallace (Brew Lab)


Coffee: 16g | Grinder: EK43 | Grind size: medium fine | Water temp: 94/95 degrees | Orientation: right way up

  1. 50g water to bloom
  2. Stir three times at 0:10s
  3. Pour at 0:40 until full 
  4. Cap and plunge at 1:00-1:30 

Special mention to 4th place Iain Lindsay, an avid home-brewer who was competing for the first time ever. 


We had 34 competitors take place in total from across Scotland (and one from Australia!). There was a great turnout from independent home brewers, as well as baristas and roasters. 

Our three judges held up well, despite the significant amount of coffee intake. They represented the three roasteries that donated coffee for our three way blend competition coffee. Emiliya Yordanova from Machina, Zack Williams from Williams & Johnson and Matt Carroll from Fortitude Coffee Roasters


The "other" competition was back too - The Avocado Toast Making Competition, sponsored by Company Bakery. Four teams slugged it out to be the fastest to make some avocado toast and eat it. It was chaos. 


Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors who made the night possible.

IntelligentPOS | Edinburgh Coffee Festival | Knock | CoffeeHit | TKC Sales | Marco | Williams & Johnson | Machina | Fortiude 

Thanks also to our band Brass Gumbo, stall holders Baba Budan, Knock, Company Bakery and Jones & Son BBQ and our wonderful host Jodie Mitchell. 

Finally, photographer for the night was Gavin Smart - see the full gallery of his photos below.