Our Philosophy

Brew Lab | Artisan Coffee Bar is about exploring the possibilities of coffee and what a coffee shop should be.

We are all very familiar with coffee shops. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and they’ve gone through many changes. They come in many shapes, colours, and sizes. Some make excellent coffee, some make mediocre coffee and some make terrible coffee.

But what you will find in 95% of coffee shops is one consistency. You walk into any coffee shop in the city and you will be faced with an espresso machine. A dominating contraption designed to force water through finely ground coffee beans at around 9 bars of pressure for 25-30 seconds at 90-95 degrees. And that is a wonderful thing.

However, what often gets overlooked in coffee shops are other methods of brewing coffee. The Syphon, The Pourover, The Aeropress, The French Press, The Chemex to name a few. Some have been around for years, and some are new innovations, but all capable of extracting different tastes, textures and aromas from the humble coffee bean. As well as a bringing a dash of theatre and fascination to the coffee making process.

Brew Lab aims to explore these methods, through the use of exceptional coffee beans from the best roasters in the UK and around the world.

But coffee is not only what Brew Lab is about. Brew Lab is a celebration of the coffee house, the centre of social interaction. The place where people come to meet, discuss, argue, eat, listen to music, work, think, read, chat, play and laugh.

We don't want to serve you anything other than the most sublime and quality local, artisanal products you have ever tasted, from the best coffee, tea and hot chocolate to the best bread and cakes that Edinburgh has to offer. All in the most comfortable, friendly and inviting environment to enable you to go about your life how ever you choose.