New coffee w/c 18/02/13

Dave brewing

January and February was spent working through two fantastic Rwandan coffees from Workshop Coffee Co, and now we're on to two new single origins from Has Bean and Square Mile. Burundi Buzira Kayanza Red Bourbon Washed Country of origin: Burundi Washing station: Buziraguhindwa (Buzira for short) Region: Kayanza Province Varieties: Red Bourbon Process: Washed Roaster: Square Mile Brewing method: Clever Dripper

This is the first coffee we have had from Burundi, a small landlocked country located in the great lakes region of Eastern Africa. Coffee is hugely important to Burundi's economy as it accounts for 80% of its exports and around 25% of the Burundi population relies on income from coffee to survive. Similarly to Ethiopian coffee, this is grown by lots of small-holder farmers who bring their coffee to the Buziraguhindwa (meaning 'we will succeed despite all obstacles' or Buzira for short) washing station for processing. The coffee is quite unusual in that it has an almost spiced flavour to it, with a buttery, toffee-like texture and a grape acidity. We're brewing it on the Clever Dripper. Find out more information here.

Colombia Finca El Habano 386 Country of origin: Colombia Farm: El Habano Region: Tolima Varieties: Typica, Cattura, Colombia Process: Washed Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: V60

Finca El Habano is owned by Jose de Jesus Ramirez who has been growing coffee for 10 years now. The farm is located just beneath Nevado del Hulia, an active volcano which means the land is extremely fertile - perfect for growing coffee. The coffee pickers on this farm are paid higher premiums for quality cherries, which means the overall quality of the coffee is very good. The coffee is processed straight after picking - in this case it is fully washed and then dried on raised beds. The number 386 refers to the day that the coffee was picked. The coffee is extremely clean and crisp with notes of watermelon and apricots, a really tasty coffee! More info on this coffee here.

In other news, two of our Baristas, Dave and Robbie are competing in the Irish and UK Barista Championships this year. Dave is using Bolivia Finca Canton Uyunese Teodocio Mamani, and Robbie is using Ethiopia Wote Yirgacheffe Natural - both roasted by Has Bean. Dave's coffee is bright, with toffee and white grape notes, and Robbie's coffee is extremely fruity with red berries and olorosso sherry. They're both really interesting coffees and we'll be rotating them on the second espresso grinder for the next few days so you can try them out.