New Coffee: Kenya Gachami AA Washed


Kenya Gachami AA WashedCountry of origin: Kenya Region: Central Kenya Farm: Baragwi Farmers coop Varieties: SL28 & SL 32 Process: Washed Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Chemex Tasting notes: Ruby grapefruit, demerara sugar, lemon rind

This is the first Kenyan of the year and its here just in time for the sun. Kenyans are a great summertime coffee - they're characterised by being light, and often with citrus and berry notes.

Similar to the way coffee growing works in Ethiopia, the coffee is grown by a farmers coop and then processed in the Gachami washing station. It sits at around 1600-1800 meters above sea level, which is ideal altitude for growing coffee. The farmers coop that Gachami is owned by has another 11 mills within the region, and there are 1472 members. The farmers have on average one hectare of land to grow crops, and most are within walking distance of the Gachami mill.

The coffee is made up of the SL 28 and SL 32 varieties which were developed by the Scott Labs in Kenya in the 1930s and are hybrids of Bourbon and heirloom Ethiopian varietals.

We get ruby grapefruit with demerara sugar from this coffee. Its very refreshing - perfect for a sunny Edinburgh.