New coffee: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga, Burundi Ngozi Rugambo & Brazil Tijuco Preto


Lots of new coffee this week! We're really excited to have a coffee from a new local roaster, Steampunk Coffee from North Berwick, a new Burundi from Has Bean and a fantastically sweet single origin espresso from Square Mile. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kebel Woreda Konga Natural  Country of origin: Ethiopia Region: Yirgacheffe Processing station: Konga Varieties: Heirloom Process: Natural Roaster: Steampunk Coffee Brewing method: Chemex

Steampunk Coffee is owned by Hans-Erik who, while he's not roasting, drives around in his VW Camper espresso bar making coffee at festivals and markets. We tried this Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga that Hans-Erik had in, and absolutely loved it so we had to put it on the brew bar. As with all Ethiopian coffees, this coffee has come from a large base of independent farmers (around 650 in this case) who bring their coffee to the Kebel Konga washing station to be processed. The varieties are heirloom varietals, so the exact varieties are not known due to the large amount of mutations that grow around Ethiopia. This is a naturally processed coffee so after the farmers bring the coffee to the washing station, it is graded and then placed onto raised beds for 6-8 weeks. After that, the beans are de-hulled and then taken to Addis Ababa for milling and shipping. The coffee is extremely light and floral - we get jasmine and blueberries from it - it's a stunning Ethiopian coffee.

Burundi Ngozi Rugambo Bourbon & Jackson Washed Country of origin: Burundi Region: Northern City: Ngozi Farm: Rugambo Cooperative Varieties: Bourbon & Jackson Process: Washed Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Clever Dripper

This is our second coffee from Burundi, this time roasted by our friends at Has Bean. It's grown by a cooperative of 2165 farmers called Rugambo, near Ngozi. The Jackson variety that features in this coffee is a Bourbon cultivation that is fairly unique to Rwanda and Burundi. The coffee undertakes a double fermentation process - first the mucilage is removed from the bean, and they're left to dry ferment for 12-18 hours. The beans are then washed, for another 12-18 hours, during which the second fermentation takes place. Finally the beans are dried on raised beds for 14-21 days. This coffee is very sweet and balanced. It's a nice contrast to the Yirgacheffe, and has subtle raspberry flavours, but most of all we get sweet caramel.

Brazil Tijuco Preto Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural Country of origin: Brazil Region: Carmo de Minas Farm: Tijuco Preto Varieties: Yellow Bourbon Process: Pulped Natural Roaster: Square Mile Brewing method: Slayer Espresso Machine

This coffee is from a farm called Tijuco Preto, owned by Ocatilio Dias de Castro and is a Yellow Bourbon coffee. The coffee is on our second grinder as a single origin espresso and tastes unusually bright for a Brazilian coffee. We get yellow fruit like lychee and physalis, as well as caramelised apple - it's a very sweet espresso. In milk, there is a milk chocolate sweetness and a light, elegant body.