New coffee: Ethiopia Kebel Kercha Guji, Bolivia San Jose, Sweet Shop Espresso

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We're onto three new coffees, with some really exciting coffee in the pipeline too. The first new coffee was sourced by our barista Mark, so he's written about it for us: I'm really excited to have a coffee on this week from a roaster in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm Roast are a micro-roaster who only tend to supply to cafes in and around Stockholm. I'm very pleased we've managed to get this coffee on our brew bar, and I'm sure our customers will love this UK exclusive coffee too.

Guji, Grade 1- Kebel Kercha Dry Mill Country of origin: Ethiopia Region: Sidamo, northern Yirga-Cheffe Processing station: Kebal Kercha Varieties: Local varieties with a majority of Typica Process: Natural Roaster: Stockholm Roast Brewing method: v60

I came across this coffee when I had a holiday in Stockholm earlier this year. Having tried the coffee as an espresso at Tasman Cafe, I brought a lighter roast of the same coffee back to Edinburgh to try as a filter coffee. My colleagues and I were so impressed with the coffee that we decided to buy it in bulk from Stockholm.

The processing station Kebal Kercha is located north of the city of Yirga Cheffe in Ethiopia. Around 750 farmers grow and contribute their wares to Kebal Kercha. This is a natural processed coffee; it is dried in the sun with the skin and pulp intact for up to 6 weeks.

The secret of this lot is gentle processing and a conscious harvest where only fully ripe berries are picked. It has intense aromatics of berries, a creamy texture and a deep milk chocolate sweetness.

Our second coffee is from Has Bean, and the second Bolivian coffee we have had on the brew bar.

Bolivia San Jose Constancio Aruqipa 2013 Country of origin: Bolivia Region: Caranavi Farm: Constancio Aruquipa Varieties: Caturra Process: 'Bolivia style', a hybrid of washed and pulped natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Clever Dripper

Constancio Aruqipa's farm is situated in a small colony of 12 families called San Jose. Constancio lives and grows coffee there with his wife and 5 children. The coffee is from the Caranavi region, which displays a wide range of micro climates - all of which bring out very different flavours in their coffees.

Constancio only bought this farm in 2008, and this is the first crop from the 21,000 caturra plans he planted there. Once harvested, the coffee is processed at the same mill that Finca David Vilca is milled at, a coffee that we had on the brew bar a few months ago. The processing method is 'Bolivian style', which is a hybrid of pulped natural and washed processing.

The coffee is bright with a good amount of citrus and lemonade, but brewing it on the clever dripper helps to bring out a good amount of body.

Sweet Shop Espresso 50% La Buitrera (Colombia) 50% La Serrania (Colombia)

Sweet Shop Espresso

Square Mile's Sweet Shop espresso is an ever changing blend that aims to combine sweet, characterful coffees to create an unique espresso packed with fruit. The combination of La Buitrera and La Serrania in this blend gives us lemon bonbons and lemon sherbet - its fizzy and bright, and really interesting!