New coffee: El Salvador Finca San Cayetano, Kenya Thunguri AA & Sumatra Wahana Natural

el salv kenya

We have lots of tasty coffee in at the moment for Edinburgh. El Salvador, Finca San Cayetano, Natural, Bourbon  Country of origin: El Salvador Region: Santa Ana Farm: Finca San Cayetano Varieties: Bourbon Process: Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: V60 Tasting notes: rum & rasin, blueberry, sherry

Bourbon is a traditional variety of El Salvador and is characterised by a very sweet profile. When combined with natural processing, like this example, we get a really interesting coffee. There is lots of rum and raisin and booziness from this coffee, while still having a good amount of chocolaty body.

The farm is owned by Rafael Silva who also owns Finca La Fany - a farm one of our first coffees came from.

Kenya, Thunguri AA, SL-28 SL-34, Washed   Country of origin: Kenya Region: Nyeri Producer: Rumukia Co-op Society Members Varieties: SL-28, SL-34 Process: Washed Roaster: Workshop Coffee Co Brewing method: Chemex Tasting notes: blackberry, vanilla, stone fruit

Our second Kenyan from Workshop, and fourth of the year so far - this is everything you'd expect from a traditional Kenyan coffee - lots of blackberry and a stone fruit acidity. The coffee comes from the Thunguri factory, which is owned by the Rumukia Co-op, comprising of over 800 members with on average 100 trees each. The farmers deliver their coffee to the Thunguri factory where it is processed with the usual high attention to detail of Kenyan coffees.

Once the coffee has been processed at Thunguri, it is shipped off to Nairobi to be sold, then to a dry mill for the removal of the parchment. At every step of its journey, the coffee is sorted for quality, ensuring this lot that Workshop attained, is the very best.


Sumatra, Wahana, Lington, Natural, Rasuna    Country of origin: Sumatra Region: Desa Lee Mungkerr Farm: Wahana Coffee Estate Varieties: Rasuna Process: Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Slayer Espresso Machine Tasting notes: dark chocolate, chilli, sherry

We're having a bit of a natural coffee fest at Brew Lab at the moment, and this coffee completes it. Its the first Sumatran we've had in a Brew Lab. In the past we have steered away from them due to fact that they traditionally have a very dark, leathery flavour, and are not the highest quality. This example is completely different however.

The Wahana Estate has a number of new coffee growing practices to ensure the high quality of their yield: only organic fertilisers are used, and the area around the farm has been a designated a conservation area. The farm also has a housing scheme and medical clinic for all its workers.

We have this coffee on the second grinder as a single-origin espresso and its crazy: we get dark chocolate with chilli and black pepper.