New coffee: Colombia, La Serrania, Washed

Serrania Huila

Colombia, La Serrania, Washed Country of origin: Colombia Region: Huila Farm: Various small farmers Varieties: 75% Caturra, 25% Colombia Process: Washed Roaster: Square Mile Brewing method: V60 Tasting notes: ripe peach, raspberry acidity, silky mouth-feel

La Serrania is the name given to the coffee by Virmax, the exporters that Square Mile bought this coffee through. The coffee is one of the components of Square Mile's Red Brick espresso blend, but it turns out it works really well as a filter. It is from the same region that La Buitrera, a Colombian we had on recently from Square Mile was from and exhibits similar flavour characteristics. We're getting ripe peach, a raspberry acidity and a very silky mouth-feel.