New coffee: Brazil Pedro Redonda Pulped Natural Catuai & Brew Lab Blend Mk.6


We're very excited to have a single origin back on our second espresso grinder this week, as well as a brand new house blend. Brazil Pedro Redonda Pulped Natural Catuai Country of origin: Brazil Farm: Pedro Redonda Region: Matas de Minas, Minas Gerais Varieties: Catuaí Process: Pulped Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Slayer Espresso Machine

Fazenda Pedro Redonda is owned by José Bernardes Santana who has been growing coffee in Matas de Minas for 30 years. He runs the farm with his brothers, Donizete and Geraldo. The farm employs 30 permanent workers who harvest the coffee cherries by hand as the mountainous terrain makes using machines very difficult.

Once picked, the cherries are pulped immediately and then left to dry on the patios in the sun. Processing is overseen by Geraldo who ensures any quality issues are identified as soon as possible.

We're brewing this coffee as espresso and you get dark chocolate with a lovely cherry acidity, which then turns into sweet toffee. This is a stunning espresso!

Brew Lab Blend Mk.6 50% Bolivia Loayza Feliciano Ramos  30% Brazil Passeio Pulped Natural Rubi 20% Ethiopia Kebel Konga

As coffee seasons change, so does our espresso blend and we're now onto the fifth iteration of our espresso blend; the second version to contain South American coffees. The main component, Bolivia Loayza brings cherries and dark chocolate to the table, as well as some caramel. The Brazil Passeio is a coffee we have on the brew bar at the moment, and it's one of our favourite coffees we've had on. It's wonderfully chocolaty and brings milk chocolate sweetness to the blend. Finally is the Ethiopia Kebel Konga, a component that remains from Mk.5. Since our first espresso blend that contained 100% Ethiopian Guji, we've had a bit of a love affair with Ethiopian coffees, and this brings a good amount of fruit, to the coffee in the way of raspberries and blackcurrants. In milk, the blend turns to vanilla ice cream and shortbread, with a huge amount of caramel and demerara sugar.