New coffee: Brazil, Passeio, Natural, Icatu; Colombia, Finca Tamana; Brazil, Passeio, Pulped Natural, Rubi

Fazenda Passeio

Brazil, Fazenda Passeio, Natural, Icatu Country of origin: Brazil Region: Minas Gerais Farm: Passeio Varieties: Icatu Process: Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Clever Dripper

This is the second coffee we've had from Fazenda Passeio. The first (which incidentally, we have as a guest single origin espresso at the moment), was an amazing brew - it tasted of KitKats! You can read all about Fazenda Passeio here. This coffee is unusual in that it features a relatively unknown varietal: Icatu. Icatu is a hybrid of Mundo Novo and Caturra, it is high yielding, pest resistent and relatively resistent to leaf rust.

The coffee has a really big mouth-fell, and tastes of dark fruity chocolate, and wafers. It's a really good contrast to our second coffee, Finca Tamana.

You can watch Steve's video review of the coffee here:


Colombia, Finca Tamana, Caturra & Colombia, Washed Country of origin: Colombia Region: Huila Farm: Tamana Varieties: Caturra & Colombia Process: Washed Roaster: Workshop Coffee Co Brewing method: V60

Coffee from Finca Tamana has been getting quite a lot of press recently. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood from  Colonna & Smalls in Bath came second in the UKBC using it, additionally, its been getting a lot of attention in the coffee world thanks to the work Tim Wendleboe and the Farm's owner, Elias Roa are putting into improving picking, washing, drying, logistics, sustainability of the farm and the welfare of their workers. You can see more about their work in this video.

This is an extremely elegant coffee with notes of poached pear and candied orange.

Brazil Fazenda Passeio Rubi Pulped Natural Country of origin: Brazil Farm: Passeio Region: Minas Gerais Varieties: Rubi Process: Pulped Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Slayer Espresso Machine

This coffee was on the brew bar a few months ago, but we liked it so much, we wanted to get it on as a single origin espresso. You still get the chocolate and KitKat coming through, with a very creamy body and very little fruit at all.