New coffee: Brazil Fazenda Passeio Rubi Pulped Natural

Brazil Fazenda Passaio Rubi Pulped Natural

This is quite a sensible coffee for us. Sensible in the way that it very balanced, bold and chocolaty - as opposed to some of the bright, fruity, acidic and funky coffees we love so much here at Brew Lab. This coffee won't challenge you like some of the Ethiopian and Rwandan coffees we've brewed in the past, but it will satisfy you completely. It is a very good, well rounded filter coffee. And it is by no means borning; it tastes of Kit Kats! Brazil Fazenda Passeio Rubi Pulped Natural Country of origin: Brazil Farm: Passeio Region: Minas Gerais Varieties: Rubi Process: Pulped Natural Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: V60

The coffee is grown by the Vieira Ferreira family, a well respected Brazilian coffee farming family who have been growing coffee for three generations.

Quality is the prime focus at the farm; they employ highly skilled workers, and look after them well. All full time workers get housing for them selves and their families, professional training and environmental education. Their children are also provided with schooling.

The farm is very conscious of environmental sustainability and frequently plants trees around its water sources to maintain their local eco system.

This is a pulped natural coffee, so the cherries are pulped, then left to dry with the sticky fruit mucilage left on the bean. The coffee is then rested in parchment bins for 60 days and then milled to remove the mucilage.

The Rubi varietal is a hybrid Mundo Novo, and Catuaí. Mundo Novo is grown a lot in Brazil as it is very suited to the climate, as well as having a high yield and resistance to disease. It is characterised by a sweet, thick mouth-feel and low acidity. Catuai is also a very common varietal in Brazil (it accounts for 50% of the coffee acreage) and is known as a dwarf plant, due to its size. When tasting, expect a bold coffee with milk chocolate (kit kats specifically!) and low acidity.