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Uber Boiler

So strip out has finished, and we're just about to start fit out, but here's a bit of an update on everything else that's been happening recently. TEDGlobal 2012 was in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and we sent our newest recruit (more on him soon!) to get stuck in making amazing coffee for lots of very important people with the great folks from Ristretto, and some of Europe's finest baristas. More on the coffee at TEDGlobal in Craig Bush's blog post.

We have ordered our espresso machine which we're absurdly excited about. The machine is called the Slayer, it's being hand built in Seattle, it'll be the first Slayer in Scotland and one of only 4 in the UK. Just looking at the machine is enough to get you excited in its self, but the functionality of the machine is where it really excells. It will enable us to control the pressure of the machine as we pour espresso which will in turn bring out unique flavours in our coffees that will blow you away. Below are pictures of Has Bean's Slayer - ours won't be red, but it will be equally as beautiful! We'll have a separate post on the Slayer when we get some pictures of it being built but in the mean time, if you're interested have a look at Slayer's Facebook Page for lots of amazing pictures.

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As well as the Slayer, we've also now got our hands on the water boiler we'll be using in Brew Lab to make all our filter coffee. Water boilers don't generally strike up a huge amount of excitement; however, this one is something a little bit special. It's called the Über Boiler, it's made by Marco in Ireland and it's one of the most precise water delivery systems out there. To make sure we're consistently making outstanding filter coffee at Brew Lab, we need to be able to control 4 variables as accurately as possible: temperature, weight, brew time and grind quality. The Über Boiler helps us to control the first three with temperature being controlled to within 0.2c, and with built in scales and a timer. We'll have a Mahlkönig Tanzania grinder to look after the grind quality. As with the Slayer, we'll tell you more about the Über Boiler in a separate blog post, but here are a few pictures.

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We've been busy planning out our bar. As we're making it out of cast concrete with some cutouts for various pieces of coffee making equipment, we don't have much room to get things wrong. First of all we sketched it, then we created a life size plan the floor in masking tape, then we went to the beach to see how it would work in situ by creating a life size plan of the entrance, then we created a life size model of the bar out of foam board! The concrete has been ordered (we even got a free concrete duck!) and we're planning a blog post on it soon, but here are a few a pictures of us planning it out.

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Earlier in the week we went down to Stafford to see Dale and Steve at Has Bean to play with the Slayer some more, and to work out what coffee we're going to be using in Brew Lab. We'd previously sent the Has Bean chaps a brief on what we wanted our espresso to be, and with that, Dale and Steve set about finding us some coffees that would fit perfectly. We cupped lots of amazing single origin coffees and tried them all out as espresso on the Slayer. There's a bit more work to do, but we're confident we're going to have a really exciting and delicious coffee for you when we open the doors.

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We're also recruiting. If you know anyone who has a passion for exceptional coffee, food or service, and who you think would be excited to be part of helping Brew Lab grow, get in touch at

What's next...

  • Construction is set to start in a week or so.
  • We'll be off driving around the country in a large van picking up all the furniture we've been buying.
  • Lots of planning will be going into our amazing launch event.
  • Trying to get through our to do list!

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