Imagining what Brew Lab will look like

Exterior of Brew Lab

So construction has started! Things are well under way, and we've reached the most exciting part of the project so far.

Since we found 6-8 South College Street back in October, we've been obsessively trying to plan what we want Brew Lab to look like when it's finished. We had a definite style in mind, with inspiration from some of our favourite coffee shops and bars from around the UK, and the world. Ultimately, we want Brew Lab to be a space that people want to spend time in, and we want the design of Brew Lab to reflect what we are doing with our coffee. Something different and something that you might not find in any other coffee shop in Edinburgh.

To help us realise this design, we've been working closely with a good architecture friend Victoria Simpson, as well as our main contracted architects KBA+D. Victoria has helped us visualise how our space at 6-8 South College Street could look like, as well as giving us lots of design inspiration for fixtures and fittings. KBA+D have helped us realise these ideas, and put them into practice with our contractor.

To help us visualise how Brew Lab could look, Victoria created some amazing 3D visualisations of the coffee shop. When we first started planning the design over a year ago, we had no idea what our canvas would look like, and it wasn't until the strip out a few weeks ago that we knew what all the walls coverings would look like in the unit.

In terms of fixtures and fittings, we've always had an idea of what we want to go for: a juxtaposition of old Edinburgh features, industrial fittings and wood. We've always been very keen to have a monolithic concrete bar, and custom matching wood and steel furniture.

The following renders are based on a lot of the wall finishes being unknown at the time of their creation so they are shown as white. Since strip out we have discovered a large amount of stone, brick and broken plaster which we plan to seal and leave as it is. As such, the  visualisations are just illustrative. The final design could look quite different, but these will give you an idea of how the spaces could look with specific fixtures and fittings.

Let us know what you think!

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