Finding the perfect coffee for Brew Lab

  We spent the last week visiting some coffee roasters to find the perfect beans for Brew Lab. It's always been our objective to find a roaster who is obsessive about the quality of their product. At Brew Lab we want to serve coffee that is unique and ethical, but most importantly, consistently delicious cup after cup. Luckily, the UK isn't in short supply of excellent coffee roasters and we think we've found the perfect partner. Or rather, partners.

We're really excited to be working with Has Bean as our primary supplier of beans for espresso and filter coffee. Has Bean are based in Stafford and have been in the coffee business for many years. They were founded by Steve Leighton, a person who just exudes a passion for coffee.

What really impressed us about the Has Bean team was how much they care about the coffee they roast. Every year, Steve visits the people that produce all the coffee they buy, to ensure that they can find farmers that really care about growing coffee. They only roast the best beans they can source, with the highest quality control in roasting, and they are hands on to ensure the coffee shops that use their beans, are making the best coffee they can.

This means that at every point along the journey, from source, to roasting, to when we make you a coffee in Brew Lab, we know that the coffee beans are going to be of the highest possible quality, we know that every care has been taken to ensure that the coffee producers get looked after and paid a good price, and we know that Has Bean are behind us helping us to make exceptional coffee. Have a watch of this video to see Steve talking about what they do.

Along our journey to find coffee beans, we also got really excited about another roaster. Interms of size, ST ALi are on the other end of the spectrum to Has Bean. They are based in London, inside one of the most beautiful coffee bars you have ever seen and at the back, is their roasting machine that roasts all the coffee they sell. Similarly to Has Bean, ST ALi also care a huge amount about the coffee they buy and roast. Tim Williams is the director and is very proud that they buy the best coffee they can, and pay the farmers a significantly higher price than what Fairtrade offers. We were really impressed with the attention to detail that they pay to their roasting. We visited on Friday, one of their two roasting days and watched as they roasted batch, after batch, adjusting their precise parameters as they went, to ensure their coffee is roasted to as close to perfection as possible.

ST ALi (who incidentally are named after the so-called 'patron saint' of coffee!) originated in Melbourne in 1999 and have grown to a bit of a cult following. They came over to London last year and opened up their coffee bar/cafe/roastery on Clerkenwell Road. If you're ever in London, make sure you pay them a visit. Not only is their coffee superb, their food is amazing.

We aim to use ST ALi, along side Has Bean for filter coffee and further down the line, we hope to use beans from other roasters from around the UK and the world. All so we can give you a taste of some of the best coffee beans you can find.