El Salvador Finca Escocia SL-28 Washed Cup of Excellence

This Sunday we have a very exciting coffee on our brew bar for one day only - El Salvador Finca Escocia SL-28 Washed Cup of Excellence.

Country of origin: El SalvadorRegion: UsulutanFarm: Escocia - Caledonia S.AVarieties: SL-28Process: WashedBrewing method: Syphon

The farm where this coffee originates from was initially boughtbya Scotsman named Henry Adams Butter, who came to El Salvador from Dundee at the end of the 1800s. This is where the farms name - Escocia - comes from. The farm is now owned by Henry's granddaughter, Johanna.

The most interesting thing about this coffee is that it is an SL-28 varietal. SL-28 is usually only found in Africa, most commonly in Kenya. However, some farmers - including Johanna - have decided to experiment by planting SL-28 in Central Southern America. This coffee is a stunning example of how continued experimentation at origin can help to produce some truly unique coffees.

This is the first time in a few years that Has Bean have chosen to exclusively buy a Cup of Excellence lot. The Cup of Excellence is a stringent selection process and competition held in coffee producing countries. Around sixty of the best samples from each country are put before an international jury made up of some of the most influential coffee buyers in the world. The top ten samples are then sent to an internet auction and sold to the highest bidder.

This coffee is exceptionally sweet and smooth, a classic quality that we tend to associate with coffees from El Salvador. However, this coffee has an awful lot of depth and complexity. After an initial milk chocolate sweetness, it develops into a delicious acidity of tropical fruits and papaya.

We are preparing this coffee on Syphon this Sunday in order to highlight its delicate acidity and to accentuate the creamy body and mouthfeel. We are excited to offer our customers the chance to taste this unique coffee and hope you enjoy it as much as we have.