Cold Brew, Cascara Soda and other cold things

Cold Brew Coffee The hot weather is very much here and when its scorching cold brew is the order of the day. Our cold brew coffee was so popular last year we decided to bottle it this year.

The cold brew is steeped over night for 16 hours in cold water. The long, cold extraction creates a really balanced and naturally sweet coffee to refresh you when you're sweltering on a hot Edinburgh day in the meadows. We don't put anything in it other than single origin coffee from Has Bean, and our wonderful Edinburgh water.

At the moment, we have Has Bean's Costa Rica Finca De Licho bottled - we get a huge amount of chocolate, peanuts and butterscotch and it's low in acidity - which perfectly contrasts the Kenya Kii Peaberry we're using for iced pour-overs at the moment.

Iced Pour-Over 

Iced pour-overs are back again after being really popular last year. Over the summer we'll be brewing light, fruity and acidic Kenyans, Ethiopians and whatever else is tasty.

We use the same Kalita Waves for our iced pour-overs that we use for all our brewed coffees, but we brew a concentrate that is then diluted when poured over ice.

The pour-over method brings a lot of flavour clarity that really helps the coffee shine. We're currently brewing a Kenyan Kii Peaberry from Tate Coffee Roasters which gives us sweet mango, cranberry and chocolate mousse.

Dry-hopped Cascara & Apricot Soda

Cascara is the dried fruit of the coffee cherry - the fruit from which we get the coffee bean. We serve cascara tea in Brew Lab and last year we were making cascara & elderflower iced tea.

This year we decided to take it to the next level. We're cold brewing cascara & apricots over night - this results in a sweet brew with notes of marmalade, apricot and apple. We then dry-hop the brew with American Liberty hops which are relatively low in acidity. This adds a subtle, refreshing citrus bitterness to the brew.

Then the cascara is served from a soda siphon to create a lightly sparkling soda. It's super unusual, but extremely delicious.

Iced Lattes & Mochas

As with last year, our iced lattes & mochas are back for those who need something milky and sweet in the hot weather. We're using our amazing milk blend from Has Bean for both and in iced lattes there's a wonderful strawberry angel delight flavour coming from the naturally processed Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo.