Brew Lab invades The Hanging Bat

Hanging Bat

Because nothing makes us as happy as beer and coffee, on Sunday 30th we'll be heading over to (invading?) our good pals The Hanging Bat to do a coffee and beer tasting afternoon. The aim: to foster inter-awareness of coffee and beer and to show the sheer variety of different styles, and the hugely different tastes that these styles exhibit.

We'll be kicking off with a tutored cupping of 5 contrasting Has Bean coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, El Salvador, Brazil and Sumatra, and we'll be challenging your tastebuds to match up tasting notes to the correct coffees. You'll learn about how coffee is produced in each country, and why different production and processing methods make such significant differences to the coffees flavour profile.

Next up, The Hanging Bat will be providing a tasty lunch from their kitchen to prime you ready for the beer tasting: 5 contrasting styles that exhibit the best craft beer has to offer.

Finally we'll all be getting together to brew a really special beer. We'll be using cascara, the highly caffeinated dried fruit of the coffee cherry to brew up something that, to our knowledge has never been done before: a cascara beer.

If you'd like to be involved, tickets are available here.