Brazil Fazenda Ambiental Fortazela & Ethiopia Workye Shallo

drop coffee

We have two exciting new coffees on this week from Drop Coffee in Stockholm. Drop Coffee were established in 2007 and have been roasting some really incredible coffee ever since then. I visited their roastery and cafe in Stockholm last year and was very impressed with their meticulous approach to every aspect of coffee preparation. We are delighted to be working with them and hope our customers enjoy these coffees as much as we have.  Brazil Fazenda Ambiental Fortazela

Country of origin: Brazil Region: Mt. Mogiana Producer: Barretto family Varieties: Obata Process: Natural Brewing method: Espresso

Over the last few years, the farmers at Fazenda Ambiental Fortalexa have started to work with raised beds, where the coffee can dry in a thinner layer. This allows for a more even and quicker drying process in the first five days, before the coffee is moved to a patio for a slower drying process. This helps to avoid the overly “funky” and slightly fermented taste endemic in a lot of naturally processed coffees.

This coffee is of the Obata varietal, and this varietal has developed a resistance towards the devastating plant disease – leaf rust - that has ravaged so many farms in recent years. This varietal is – genetically speaking – 95% Arabica, and 5% Robusta. Although Robusta is something of a sacrilegious word to many speciality coffee professionals, this varietal displays an impressively dense body and a delicate tangerine acidity when roasted by talented roasting teams like the one at Drop Coffee.

This coffee displays strong aromas of strawberries and hazelnut, and has a creamy mouthfeel and medium body. It has an intense toffee sweetness and a lovely strawberry acidity.

workye shallow

Ethiopia Workye Shallo

Country of origin: Ethiopia Region: Devo, Yirgacheffe Varieties:Mixed Heirloom Process: Washed Brewing method: Kalita Wave

This coffee is a great example of a sustainable cooperation between coffee roasters and individual farmers that is inherently focused on the goal of achieving high quality coffee. This coffee has been produced under the One Farmer, One Roaster project pioneered by Nordic approach. Under this project, farmers in Yirgacheffe are able to produce, sell and export their coffees as single estate coffees. The project has allowed farmers to invest in micro mills, meaning they no longer have to send their cherries to the cooperatives in Yirgacheffe, where they would normally be pulped along with hundreds of other farms produce. This has resulted in a closer focus on picking, ripeness, processing and drying, all of which can be tasted in the complexity and elegance of this coffee.

Drop Coffee visited Workye in October last year, taking part in a ceremony where they handed over the extra dollar per kilo of Workye's coffee that they had bought during the year. The One Farmer, One Roaster project is a very exciting one as it has the potential to change the way speciality coffee in Ethiopia is produced and sold.

This coffee has aromas of black tea and peach, with a soft apricot acidity and delicate notes of bergamot and hibiscus.