And so it begins! We are Brew Lab | Artisan Coffee Bar

Up until now, the journey we've come on to develop the coffee shop has never really had anything concrete for us to show. It's all been pages of notes, late nights in the pub discussing this and that, marketing plans, spreadsheets, and emails to surveyors and suppliers. Sometimes we felt like we were making no progress at all, other times we have felt completely out of our depth, talking about commercial leases, building warrants, planning applications, and VAT accounting schemes. While we're pretty certain that the 'what the hell have we got ourselves into' feeling will be around for quite a while to come, we're starting to feel like things are beginning happen. Actual, coffee shop shaped things. We've passed the point of no return and although it hasn't sunk in yet, we're on track to open a very new, very unique, and very exciting kind of coffee shop!

With that in mind, we thought it was a good time to start the blog we've been talking about starting for so long. We feel like we have something to talk about now and will have plenty of things to update you all on over the coming months. We want to share this adventure with you, we want to be able to show the development: from getting keys to our premises, to ripping the first wall out, to the delivery of our espresso machine, to the first customer through the door and beyond.

Not only do we want to share the process with you, but we want feedback. Getting opinions and suggestions from Edinburghers, coffee lovers, and friends has been hugely important to us from the start. The Facebook page we set up back in April 2010, the survey that received over 350 responses, and the reddit post that got 248 comments have all been invaluable in guiding us, helping us find out what people want from a coffee shop in Edinburgh - and in general - and where we can go right, where others have gone wrong. We know we won't be perfect - but we're going put everything we have into being the best we can.

Our website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages are the first time we've been able to give a face to the coffee shop and the first time we've been able to share it with you. We hope you like you like the brand, we love it, and we're hugely grateful to Adam who has helped us develop it.

I suppose that's all for just now, the next post will be an update on our progress to date so stay tuned for that!