New coffee: Colombia, Huila, La Buitrera & Bolivia, Taypiplaya, Jatun Kollo Mountain


South American coffees are really starting to roll in, and this week we have an amazing Colombian from Square Mile, and an extremely tasty Bolivian from Has Bean. Colombia, Huila, La Buitrera, Washed  Country of origin: Colombia Region: Huila Farm: La Buitrera Varieties: Caturra, Castillo & San Bernardo Process: Washed Roaster: Square Mile Brewing method: V60

La Buitrera is owned by Albeiro Ortiz Gomez and based in the Huila region of Colombia. Colombian coffee has recently been blighted by a fungus called leaf rust that attacks the coffee plant and essentially ruins crops. The Castillo variety that is present in this coffee is the latest that has been created to be leaf rust resistent: a glimmer of hope for the coffee industry in Colombia. This coffee is delicate with a lychee syrup sweetness with a hint of chocolate and summer berries on the finish.

Bolivia, Taypiplaya, Jatun Kollo Mountain  Country of origin: Bolivia Region: Caranavi Town: Taypiplaya Farm: 150 coffee producers Varieties: Caturra Red/ Yellow, Typica, and Catuai Process: Washed Roaster: Has Bean Brewing method: Clever Dripper

There are around 150 farmers in the Taypiplaya colony that grow coffee around the Jatun Mountain. It is a washed coffee so the cherries are mechanically separated from their husks with water. The coffee has a juicy dark plum acidity with hints of lime and pineapple  but there is also a large amount of chocolate in the cup.

You can watch Steve Leighton's review of the coffee here: