3 weeks of fit-out down


It's been 3 weeks and the shop has been a hive of activity. All the heavy works were completed by the end of week 2. New holes had been made, steel beams had been put in place, and concrete lintels put up. The shop is now much more open, and you can see right the way through the three units. [nggallery id=14]

Other than the heavy works, the electrics have been the other major undertaking over the last three weeks. For simplicities sake, the previous wiring had been completely removed during strip out and a whole new grid was put in for the shop leading to lots of new wiring dangling from the ceiling.

[nggallery id=15]

After strip out we found a rather precariously bowed brick wall in the rear of no.7. Needless to say, it wasn't safe left as it is, so the plan is to put a new stud wall infront of it. This will hold the wall up to save us removing it and the new stud will be covered in plywood as opposed to plasterboard, with a large aperture left in the middle to leave a section the brick exposed.

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The final major task of the first part of fit out was getting the new ceiling in. As much as we wanted to leave the original cornicing exposed, from an acoustic and fire point of view, it wasn't going to be possible. Additionally, the existing cornicing and ceiling is not in particularly good condition so a new plaster ceiling has been put in - with a huge amount of acoustic padding above! The result is that the shop now feels much more cosy, and the new ceiling has helped to reign in the rather chaotic wall surfaces.

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What's next? Our keruing floor is delivered on Tuesday - reclaimed from an old London school sports hall, then come our beautiful cast iron radiators, again reclaimed from various properties around Edinburgh. More on those as they arrive.

Decorating begins next weekend, with the bar carcass arriving the week after. The concrete for the bar top is on its way to casting and arrives just before our amazing Slayer espresso machine at the beginning of September.

It's all go! Keep an eye on our Flickr and Facebook pages, as well as Twitter for daily updates and photos.