Filter Brewing Masterclass

£37.50 per person - 2 hours - 6 people max

Improve your filter brewing technique and explore new brewing methods in our filter brewing class designed for home coffee enthusiasts.

The course covers brewing with:

  • Clever Dripper

  • Kalita Wave

  • Aeropress

You'll also explore :

  • How different brew ratios affect your coffee.

  • Concepts of over- and under-extraction, and how to identify both.

To view class availability please click 'book now'. During the session, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste some outstanding coffees from top roasters, such as Has Bean, Workshop Coffee, The Barn and more.

Group bookings

Looking to book a group session on a specific day? We can run classes most days and evenings. 

We offer group discounts for people booking more than two places. Please get in touch to discuss you requirements.