Espresso Masterclass

£95 per person - 3 hours - 3 people max

Get behind the controls of our VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine and learn to make espresso like we do here at Brew Lab. 

Our espresso masterclass is a three-hour session led by our Head Barista, who will cover the following:

  • Correct dosing and tamping technique, as well as how to use our Mythos One grinders

  • How to set coffee recipes (i.e. 'dialling in' espresso).

  • Concepts of over- and under-extraction, how these affect flavour, and how to combat them.

  • How to pull balanced and tasty espresso shots.

  • How to steam perfect milk and pour latte art.

Our espresso classes run on Saturdays at 2:30pm (until June 2017 when the start time changes to 10.00am) and have a three-person maximum. To view class availability click 'book now'.

Group bookings

Looking to book a group session on a specific day?

We offer group discounts for people booking more than two places. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.