Our meticulous approach to espresso—made on our Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine—ensures each drink we prepare is of the highest quality. From sourcing to serving, every step is considered and measured.

We work with Has Bean Coffee, one of the UK's top speciality roasters, for all our espresso. Founded by Steve Leighton, Has Bean is dedicated to working directly with the farmers that grow the coffee they roast and we brew. Steve travels extensively over Africa, Central America and South America to source speciality-grade, green coffee. He’s built up lasting and trusting relationships with farmers in countries including Bolivia, Nicaragua, Brazil and Guatemala.

Espresso Menu

We offer two contrasting single origin espressos from Has Bean that change seasonally. One espresso will be chosen to work exceptionally well in milk - we look for coffees that will stand out and challenge perceptions of what a flat white or latte should taste like. The second espresso will be chosen to excel as a straight espresso, or long black.